Funny Pet Behavior



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Animals Also Pray? 


Would you believe the photos of the praying dogs and cats shown here?

It seems animals pray too, and they appear to be more sincere in their prayers than most of their human counterparts! Ha ha ha! 






Could Be Very Mean Too!..... 


Above, cat delivers a clean left cross right smack on the dog's jaw. 


And Engage In Criminal Activities? 


Dog waits to be frisked after its owner and some accomplices were caught by police.


 Have Time For Social Interaction...


Dancing cats perform their dance routine. 

Arms over shoulders, these two buddies intently watch activities across the street. 

They also go fishing for their food. Ha ha ha!


Owners can be models for their pets. Do you agree? 

There seems to be an indication of this from the photos. bwahahaha!


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